About Amazon

Amazon is the largest e-commerce channel in the world and in a few short years has evolved from being just another book-selling site to now representing "the internet - for people with their wallets ALREADY out".

Great. So what do you do about it?
Simple. You learn how to be part of it

About Brand Central

Brand Central is the new home of FBA2USA its gateway to a membership community for budding entrepreneurs, FBA sellers and Brand owners. 

At Brand Central you can access a full suite of step-by-step training and a Q&A Forum that covers ALL aspects of launching on Amazon, growing your business, getting amazing product reviews and developing a real branded income generator.

But FIRST! You need to have a product to sell right? 


So which product is going to sell like hot-cakes, get amazing reviews, develop avid customer advocates and generate $'000s every month without causing you the headaches of refund requests, expensive shipping, quality control issues and defects?

What if someone put all the things you need to do and all the things you need to AVOID when you are choosing an Amazon Product in one place...?

  • Good news...that place is here. Just hit the button and download your own super-simple Product-Chooser
  • More good news...the rules are simple, mostly obvious (when you know them) -  and they don't really change! 
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About the Founder

Mark is a successful inventor, entrepreneur and highly successful Amazon Seller since 2012. FBA2USA was created for Amazon sellers living outside the USA and was developed from a module originally commissioned and developed for Ezra Firestone's "Channelizer Method" Training”

"I am not always the expert. So when there's something I don't know, like how to successfully enter the US market from outside the USA, I turn to an expert like Mark who has done exactly that"
Ezra Firestone, E-commerce Legend

There are only 5 things that make a Great Amazon Product
BUT there are 10 things to avoid at all costs!  

...it's easy when you know what they are! Find out now.

About Brand Central Training - What Buyers are Saying

 I would like to thank you. I have been part of your community now for over 6 months and have benefitted from it enormously.

Nadine |

Member and Amazon Brand Owner

Yours are seriously the most succinct explanations of how to craft a successful marketing message I've heard. I wish I had joined earlier.

Scot |

Industrial Designer, Inventor, Member
and Amazon Brand Owner

The Amazon Product Chooser will Save you Time and Money

use it to compare opportunities before you invest $'000s