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How to create compelling, Amazon offers that convert (again and again and again)


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Tactics to promote your product on and off Amazon to multiply your returns

What Amazon Sellers are Saying

Cynthia, Rengora

So much value in one place!

"Shannon is really easy to follow and understand. He goes at a steady pace - not too fast or too slow. He really understands how to make solid listings on Amazon and how to optimize them for the most impact and sales. I highly recommend his course!" -Cynthia, rengöra

Geoff, Starshie Watchdogs

Like having a Good Friend Beside You!

Working with Shannon is like having a good friend beside you helping to navigate the world of online marketplaces. Shannon’s expertise in getting products posted, discovered, cross-promoted and selling on Amazon helped my bedtime toy brand, Starshine Watchdogs, achieve fast-selling, 5-Star, zero-return status on Amazon! You rock Shannon – Thank You!

Philip, Mazzolini Design

So much value in one place!

“Marketplace Seller Courses graciously helped revamp and reinvent the Mazzolini Record Clamp Listing. Mazzolini Design now has a five star rating on Amazon and we are becoming more and more successful in our sales.” 

Jeanette, Amazon Seller

So much opportunity

“I realized how much opportunity there is to maximize the Amazon seller experience and further, how much I haven’t tapped into yet.” 

Chris, Amazon Sellet

Save TIME and MONEY!

“I tell anyone if they have anything to do with selling or even are considering to sell on Amazon, they need to go through this seminar FIRST. This is the type of information that can save you TIME and MONEY.”

Erika, Not Ketchup

I'm Selling More...Much More!

"Hi, I'm Erika. My company is called Not Ketchup, and I sell grilling and dipping sauces on Amazon. About a year ago, my sales on Amazon were small...and they weren't growing. I knew there were things I didn't know...like how to get more reviews, how to organize my listings so I could cross-sell more, how to write descriptions that would really convince people to buy...and the most important thing...how to use the right words in my titles and descriptions so that when people searched for products like mine, they could actually find my Not Ketchup listings. 

Then I met Shannon Roddy of Marketplace Seller Courses. Shannon has helped me turn my business around on Amazon. My conversion rate has doubled, meaning twice as many people who see my listings actually buy my products. And I'm selling more...much more. In fact, my sales more than doubled in the first month and are continuing to climb month over month. 

I highly recommend Marketplace Seller Courses. In addition to teaching you everything you need to know about setting up and running an Amazon store, the best part is that Shannon and his team are available for questions. If you're the kind of person who likes to do everything yourself, this course will help you do it. And if you're like me...you want to know how everything works, but you don't always have time to do it all on your own...Shannon can jump in and help you with his small business consulting packages. I hope you enjoy this course. I know you're going to learn a ton. It's been the best investment I've made for my Amazon business.